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Slimline Vibrating Butt Plug
   A powerful, multi-speed unisex vibrating butt plug with a safe wide base. ..
X-10 Anal Beads
   10 Beads of wonder.  Sturdy, pliable, translucent, graduated jelly beads wi..
Basix Butt Plug
Pipedream has put a new twist on a classic product to bring you the best possible rubber made in ..
Pjur Analyse Me - relaxing silicone anal glide with Jojoba 30 mls
Try this fantastic silicone-based lubricant which has been specifically developed for anal interc..
Pjur Back Door - relaxing silicone anal glide with Jojoba 30 mls
One of our products designed to enhance anal sex. Check out the combination of silicone lubricant..
4 Play Kit
Add some spark to your bedroom.  This clever five piece kit has every thing in it to create ..
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